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Georgiana collection

Lady Georgiana, the inspiration behind the Georgiana Collection; modern before her time.

Women have often been muses for artists. The Georgiana Collection was inspired by Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Like her great-great grand-daughter Princess Diana, Georgiana captured the hearts of the women in the 18th Century with her rebellious and vivacious character.

In a time when women were often overlooked, her defiant charm and appetite for the wilder pleasures in life turned heads. Her own parties were notorious and enchanting in equal measure and were the high light of London’s High Society. She gambled, she danced and she flirted in a way that few would dare… but everyone loved.

“twisted locks of her hair...”

Known for her effortless sense of style, Georgiana was famed for her outrageously tall hair; from hats in the shape of ships to decorative birds and amazingly intricate shapes, Georgina’s creativity saw no bounds.

The Georgiana jewellery collection features interlinked repeated cones carefully assembled to give a unique flexibility. Each piece from the collection is hand-crafted to precision. A necklace often takes a Craftsman two days to assemble.

Georgiana’s daring style and mischievous attitude inspired the rose gold jewellery. And the interlinked, repeated cones subtly emulate a twisted lock of her famous hair.