Through the Looking Glass


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Ranelagh collection

In a time when it was thought unwise for women to read, let alone write novels, London society was totally absorbed by a new book called Evelina. Little known to its readers, the novel was written by Frances Burney, also known as Fanny. Eventually, it was revealed that Fanny was the secret behind Evelina and she became a reluctant but much celebrated woman of her time.

Fanny disliked being in the limelight and preferred to remain out of the public eye. She was bold and modern in her career but understated and gentle in her character.

One of her favourite places to spend time was the walled landscape of high society, the Ranelagh Gardens. A place infamous for its modernity. High society who frequented the gardens broke traditional social rules and mingled with celebrities out of the public’s gaze. The beautiful scenery, filled with flowers, a man-made lake, tree-lined roads and even a Chinese pavilion, entertained Fanny’s imagination. It was a captivating location, and Frances would steal away to visit it at every opportunity.

The Ranelagh Jewellery Collection was inspired by these enchanting gardens. Suited to those with bold dreams and understated charm, each delicate necklace, bracelet and earring has a rose, an iris or a sweet pea featured on a simple pendant.