Size Guide


There are simple ways to check your size for bracelets, bangles and rings.


    Bracelet Size Guide Illustration

    Take a piece of string and wrap it snugly around your wrist where you want the bracelet to sit. Mark the place where the ends meet.  Stretch the cord out alongside a ruler to measure it; and then, the important bit - add 2cm to the length.

    On our chart below, pick the size closest to your measurement. If you are between sizes, consider how you wear bracelets - do you prefer a relaxed fit or something tighter?  This will help you pick a perfectly-sized piece.

    Bracelet Size Chart


    Our bangles all hinge and so the size is determined by your wrist size, not your hand.  Measure your wrist from left to right to determine which diameter would suit you.

    Follow our chart and pick the size closest to your measurement.



    If you are in a hurry and know your size, we have drawn up a chart below for you to assess which ring will suit you best.  Do remember that the ring will need to fit over your knuckles, too.

    Ring Size Chart

    Alternatively, if you have a little more time, do order our free Lowndes ring-sizer at the link .  We do recommend this as we know how important it is to get the fit right.

    Ring Sizer Illustration


    A note for all:  Measure ring size at the end of the day as this is when fingers are largest. Do not measure when your hands are cold or after too much alcohol and salt – these can affect the measurements (in more ways than one…).

    Where sizes are not specified, our jewellery is adjustable or designed to fit most fingers, wrists and necks.